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A 2-day practical & interactive training:

Combination products

A course to be offered in-house to pharmaceutical and medical device companies wanting to gain some insight into how to register combination products. It will give attendees a complete practical understanding of the regulatory framework of combination products in the EU and US.
Combination products
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  • Topics covered include variations, pharmacovigilance/vigilance,
    packaging and labelling requirements, format and content of the CTD/STED
  • Attendees will gain insight into the complex regulatory environment involving combination products
  • Suitable for both pharmaceutical/Biotech and/or medical device manufacturers


9am - 5pm

Overview of regulatory affairs for Combination Products EU/US

This module sets the context for the Regulation of Combinations in the US.
  • Introduction to Combination Products EU/US
  • Overview EU Medical Devices
    • Classification and Intended use
    • CE marking and duties of the manufacturer
  • Overview Medical Devices US
    • Device classification and Regulations US
    • DOverview of Device Regulations US
    • D510K/PMA
  • Combination Products EU, Comparison with US
    • Medical Device Regulations EU, Review key concepts and definitions
    • Brief comparison of definition of Combination Products US vs EU
    • Define/classify Horizon Products per EU (compared to US)
    • Design control, change management, design verification – EU
    • Quality oversight – EU
    • Supply Chain
    • Batch release
    • Post-approval changes
  • Device Development and Quality Issues
    • Examining the Design Control Process, Change Management, Design Verification
    • Human Factor Validation (IND and NDA)
    • Impact of the Development pathway on Regulatory Filings
    • Quality management system for the combination of medicinal product with a medical device
    • Identify key requirements for quality and manufacturing activities oversight and control in the US and the EU
  • CASE STUDY - 1
  • Clarifying the Labelling Requirements of Combination Products
    • Examining the Labelling requirements for Combination products
    • Identifying each of the Labelling Requirements
  • Purchasing Control and Batch release for Combination products
    • Purchasing control/design control and change management
    • Batch release US
    • Vendor management – who releases what/control of entire combination
    • Case specific Horizon products, related to FDA questions
  • CASE STUDY - 2
9am - 5pm

Post Approval Issues for Combination Products

This module focuses on EU, post approval changes and documentation.
  • Dealing with Post-approval Changes of Combination Products
    • Gaining a clearer understanding of when Variations should be submitted
    • Clarifying the Variability of the Requirements for different Product Types
    • Timelines and fees (in brief)
    • Streamlining the variation approval process (in brief)
  • Updating documentation CTD/STED for Combination Product Submissions
    • Case where there are CE marked devices
    • Case where devices are not CE marked
    • Case where the Combination is a Drug – CTD requirements
    • Case where the Combination is a Device – STED requirements
  • EU Medical device Regulation and effect on Combination Products
    • General update to the regulation
    • Main changes
    • Timelines (in brief)
    • Case scenarios specific to Horizon combination products
  • CASE STUDY - 3
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